CIA or AAU? I need some good advice.

Hi, Everyone!

I am a Canadian student who is having a trouble choosing my next post -secondary.

I just hear Core77 is one of best place to hear advice. My career goal is to be a digital artist or concept artist. The problem is that there are not so many places emphasizing the game illustration or digital art. My acquitances and friends recommend me to go for AAU (Academy of Art University) or CIA… I know AAU is really good for studying and improving my technique including many illustration spheres. Well, I also know CIA is also good school to study art… and production design. But, I have never heard that CIA is good place to study digital illustration or game illustration.

If anyone know which school would be beneficial for me or if you know other schools, please let me know.
I am really struggling with this problem for months.

P.S: I am an immigrant student… so if my words are difficult to understand, I am really sorry.

I think Art Center has one of the stronger Entertainment Design specializations, being in LA, it is probably a natural fit.

Thank you, YO!
I just search Art Center web site as you say… but what if you were me, I mean If you have to choose only one school between CIA or AAU, where would you go? Of course, I want to go to Art Center,but they look kind of expensice for me… and I want to prepare for second choice.