Chuck Yeager

The theme for this months kicksguide competition is Rolex/Omega.
Instead of designing a rolex shoe for some basketball player I have decided to design a shoe for one of Rolex’s “Ambassadors”, Chuck Yeager. Here are a few of my initial sketches. Im thinking that the Rolex influence will come through more in the material choices, which I’ll post more on later.

Let me know what you think of this work in progress


Nick I like the idea a lot. Nice twist.

I think you should look into Chuck a bit. Who was he? What did he like (other than Rolex’s I presume)

Also, some kind of aesthetic tie to the x-1 might be good…

Yeager and the x-1

The guy was a stud with a lot to draw from…

I have been reading alot on him these last few days and brainstorming how i can tie his story into the shoe with out being literal with it. i got a few ideas and they should be more apparent in the next round of sketches.


cool. I think you are on the right track, you don’t want to be too literal, but obvious enough for it to come through in an internet based competition…