Chub City

Ohhh this is some juicy stuff:

Not coming out until August, but these toys look REALLY cool… I’d love to see the sketches.

Did anyone else see Kid Robot on the cover of Business 2.0 last month? How many of these companies do you think will emerge within the next few months? I am just waiting for Hasbro to get in the Ugly Doll business…

How do you think hasbro wil handle the Uglies?

there is not enough money in theat category for any big boys. they just take the styling cues and transfer them to Star wars, and GiJoe…

Chub city was a line that the 4 designers in-house developed , and produced they had a great showing at san Diego Comic con
they gave me a few figures VERY NICE!
and I just saw them at retail… very nice execution, Tracy, Castro and Glen
rally kicked some makor butt!

The figure is nice in itself, but the proportions of the vehicle and its relationship with the figure’s proportions is absolutely horrendous. It looks like GeoTrax got urban. Quite an ewww.

:slight_smile: This toy designs is good, I like such color at least,But it most has the characteristic.
Why any link in that website can’t open? :cry:

cool toys! simple but have great idea
every has its own characterstic
these toys are not really for kids,adults will prefer better

You think so? I think it looks great!! I got my son the Castro one and he loves it.