Chrome plating of ABS plastic

We are looking for companies that can chrome plate plastic, preferably on the West Coast (USA), but we will consider other locations as well.

We have been working with a company in LA. Their quality and service has been less than satisfactory - which might be one of the reasons they are shuting down their production today :neutral_face:

Can anybody help?


how bout paint…

Look for a company that does “Vacuum Plating”. This is the prefered way to achieve a “chrome” finish on plastic.

Cheers and Good Luck!

Check the Detroit area…there are 3-4

Is vacuum metalizing as suitable as actual chroming in terms of looks and recistance to wear? (We are doing exterior car/truck accessories).

If anyone is needing this for prototyping, this is the best source I have found, and use regularly., ask for Martin Goldsberry he will take care of you.

Awsome parts and they are one of the few who have 7 different colors including gold and titainium. Most of all the specialize in Metalizing StereoLith parts.