Christmas Tree Guilt

I just want to clarify my guilt. Most of my guilt comes from my catholic upbringing and is now instinctual. I do enjoy myself, but I’m aware of how I affect my surroundings.

I think if one is guilty of having a tree, the discussion should include a comparison with other wasteful behaviors. If, for no other reason, it will give us perspective on the deed.

Enjoy your meal.

I apologize if the starter of the thread felt like i was shoving my personal dietary choices down his family’s throats and the throats of subsequent readers.

Nope…I actually thought the diversion was interesting…

To me, what I found to be more interesting is the fact that there is this feeling of guilt that surrounds “green”. Old habits/customs are going to die hard (if at all). It started with trees…to which I no longer feel guilty. I do, however wonder about all the other stuff.

Old customs dont “die” they get modded along the way and screw "guilt"it just means your a slave to some other blokes opinion of you (worthless). As long as your aware of and ok with the outcome of your actions or deeds then let the others eat cake.

I buy the “modded” comment.

As for the guilt…I don’t really care what people think. The awareness has been raised and I want a place for my kids to live a comparable/better life that I have been able to live. Considering I am 3’ below sea level at the moment…global warming and “doing my part” is on the top of my mind. My guilt is that I am doing the right thing for my kids.

Teach your kids how to be resliaint, frugal, optimistic, fearless and curious about eveything…and you done your job. The future, is a moving target and even the best dont get much of it right (Brin in the book earth from 1989 was damn close though…funny nobody back then wanted to listen and was my attempt at discussion of said book with my “lefty” friends at the time to toss in the towel) so the old standbys that have got us humans by over time are still the best, snartm flexiable, optimistic are all they need.

I apologize for derailing the thread. However I feel that if you want to explore what tree guilt is by just talking about trees and not consider the bigger picture(eg. consumerism), then I don’t think you will ever get to the answer. I don’t have anything else to add.

I don’t feel guilty because of how other perceive me. In fact, I think my efforts to leave a smaller footprint on the planet make people think I’m a nut. I know it drives my wife crazy! I feel guilty for two reasons: tradition (learned behavior) and I feel that everything comes around. If I don’t take care of the planet, it will effect me eventually.

Every now and then, Deez, you knock it out of the park.

You can add that to your ego page if you like.


That steak is making me salivate, but it’s a little over cooked for my liking. I usually go Pittsburgh Rare to Rare on a cut like that.

On the issue of “holiday” trees, my family always has a real tree. They are grown and replaced for this particular season at tree farms, enough said.

“‘holiday’ trees”?

Cookie Monster, thanks for the link.

IP, I was going for the politically correct term. There are a vast variety of religions and beliefs.

Enjoy your “Holiday Trees”

hmmm…who knew?

I didnt know that, Its fun to learn new things, and now I dont feel bad about leaving it up until the 8th of january

No guilt with one of these:

Looks yumm! A vegetarian’s nightmare…