Christmas Ornament Finish??

This might not be the group to ask…

Does anyone know the process used to get a satin chrome finish on Christmas ornaments? I want to use this finish on a plastic part and I’m not sure if I can do this with:

  • Vacuum metalizing with matte spray finish
  • Ultra-small flake matte metallic paint

Thanks in advance…

those ornaments are glass right. Led paint if from China. Haha

I bet that is a metal deposition process where there is an electric charge is used so not to waste the paint. Electro Static maybe. But what is in the paint to give the speckle flake? I bet its ground up glass mixed into the paint solution.

PVD - physical vapor deposition would most likely fit the bill, sounds like what Bart is thinking too. Not sure it’s what they’re using here, but it’d be one way to go. Often used in faucets and such to get metal looks and finishing opportunities on a plastic part.

The process in glass work is called “silvering”. Did it in school with the silver nitrate solution, pretty “magical”.

Old ornaments were done this way.

The satin finish on old ornaments is on the outside, the silver is on the inside, the glass in the middle gives the depth. If the plastic is clear and the quantities are low it might work, and could do it in your kitchen. New plastic ornaments are probably vac metalized with a satin clear overspray.

Maybe cut one in half and see what’s going on.