Christmas Ornament Contest

Our second annual “contest”. This year we opened up to other business units in the division. Rules are modeling must be done by the person, no use of grabcad or the likes. Must be printed. (Thank goodness we have not invited other divisions with metal printing machines). All ornaments are put up for auction in the building, proceeds to a local charity. Last year the “winner” brought in the most cash.

Mine is tough resin from FormLabs for the body. Clear resin was painted for eyes, nose, buttons and hats. Silicone glue for assembly as nothing likes to stick to SLA materials.

That’s fun! I like the hats very much.

I designed some paper ornaments based on a standard cube net that we gave out to some partners and friends through work. I work in a packaging lab so I used a kongsberg table for cutting and scoring- though the folding and assembly is still a bit tricky.

I tried this in metallic paper too, but the pure white looked the nicest.

Shields, your paper work always blows me away. That is pretty amazing.

Those paper orbs are gorgeous. If plans are available I will definitely create a few next year (we skipped the tree altogether this year :slight_smile: ). I imagine a black and white striped paper will also work neatly.