Chris' portfolio

Hey all, been a while and I’ve cooked up an entirely new 'folio. I’m a 4th year ID major at Virginia Tech. Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey Chris,

I’m really digging the survival knife project, maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too much Man vs. Wild lately but I think it has some really clever features like the wrapped parachord handle and the built in range finder. I think you could kick it up a notch if you took out the vector traced “in-use” images at the end and replaced them with some nice in use shots out in the woods. Maybe just spend a day out in the sticks over the holidays with a friend that looks a little grizzled and get some nice shots of all the features in action. You seem to take nice product shots, the vector images you have right now are under whelming and don’t do the project justice.

In a way your 3 projects are all similar in that they are sort of the “swiss army knife” approach to problem solving. With the survival knife project, I can understand wanting to cram all those features into it because it could be a life or death sort of thing to not have one. With the LG and Dell projects, I sort of feel a little empty about the final design executions and I question if maybe you’ve crammed too much into the devices. I don’t know what the main theme of either project is, they seem to promise too much. Being able to control your washer/dryer and humidifier with your phone could be cool but it sort of crosses a point where it feels like a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none product. Similar feelings about the Dell project. Still not 100% sure why I would want the smaller splintering off device? It looks like it’s too big to be put in a pocket and carried around as a phone, and too small/narrow to do anything other than use it as a remote or tiny secondary screen. It might be that I’m not understanding the projects completely, but that’s just my feeling after looking over them for the first time.

It might help to throw in a 4th or 5th project, maybe something smaller in scope and less process heavy. Maybe a teapot that shows off your refined aesthetic abilities, show your ability to create a harmonious form. Maybe a project that shows your prototype/modeling skills. Just thinking of the top of my head, but I feel like it needs some smaller projects to showcase some of your other skills in a simple, easy to digest manner.

Hope my feedback is helpful, and not too harsh. I think you’ve got really solid skills, just thinking what could take it to the next level. I just got done looking over my current portfolio and realized that there’s really nothing in it that I want to keep, so maybe I’m projecting my harshness :laughing:

Good luck!

Hi Choto!

Appreciate the comments, and I find myself agreeing with most of them. The vectors in the survival project always felt a little weak to me, and I think you’re right–I’m just going to get some real photos in there. I’ve got a few smaller projects that I’m polishing up for inclusion, but they weren’t ready for prime time quite yet and I wanted to get this out here.

My only “defense” on the Dell project is one of scale–the entire device is a smidge smaller than a sheet of paper, making the sub-unit smaller than most smart phones. However, looking at it again, I realize now that there’s really no place where that becomes apparent. I’ve got those shots, they just got omitted from my portfolio for some reason (brain fart). I’ll work them back in for the next version.

Thanks again, keep it coming!