Chris Hadfield is great!

With Chris Hadfield returning home soon (tonight), he left us this wonderful video of a remake of Space Oddity

I’ll tell you that I cried for no apparent reasons, but just awesomeness! Space exploration need people like him that will inspire people to become astronaut!

Hope you’ll like too!

I really hope Nasa realizes how great he has been at humanizing the space program.
Perhaps the most important role in commanding the space station isn’t to conduct experiments - but to explain them in terms the rest of us can relate to.

Makes me proud to be a Canadian! He rocks!


That is pretty damn cool.

Anyone online right now can watch him land here NASA Television | NASA

It’s a shame he only picked up media coverage towards the end of his time on the ISS. He has definitely rekindled and an interest in space for me that I haven’t felt since I was a child.

Completely agree! I called both of my boys into my office when I saw his Space Oddity, and we sat and watched a bunch of his other videos from the ISS.

I can’t remember the last time I heard kids even talking about space, let alone saying they wish they could be astronauts! Chris is the best advertisement for space exploration since the 60’s

he’s the latest of a many amazing astronauts that raise awareness for the space program - they work unbelievably hard to get there and believe in the programs, and public opinion affects funding. Another really cool astronaut is Don Pettit… remember his photography and personal experiments that he youtubed?

Have you seen this? Based on Hadfield’s advice for an aspiring astronaut & totally relevant for design

A 44 year old Bowie classic, and it’s still such a wee blue marble we inhabit … . … thank you Chris.