Chris Chapman is leaving BMW DesignworksUSA

Chris Chapman is leaving BMW DesignworksUSA in California! He was their Director of Automotive Design:

Not really surprising considering how they treat their designers. From what I heard they pay like shit, all younger designers are basically contractors and human resources exists only for the top executives. One of their most talented and senior car interior designers left the company to work for Tesla because she was not allowed to fly her partner over to Germany while she posted there for more than 6 months. And the teams had to pay their own Christmas celebrations even though BMW is making profit. How stingy can a company be!

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I hope that some day I’m such a successful designer that people talk about me and my career on message boards

An interesting tid-bit, but what’s with the BMWDUSA diatribe?

We all love ya NURB!!

Daniel, what is with the axe to grind on BMW? Unless you have anything of interest to add, I’d say you are making yourself look worse than your target.

  1. people change jobs.
  2. all places have their pros and cons.

Start contributing to discussions that dont involve consistent bashing or move along. You’ve made your points.

Daniel is right…
I interned at BMW design studio in Munich .He just said what everyone knows!
BMW has great reputation so they say we are the best and you must be sooooo happy to work for us :smiley:
I wish best of luck to Chris and I believe he is one of the nicest people Ive met and yet most talented guys at BMW…
he will do Amazing at Hyundai

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He said, I said, you said… this is turning into a non-constructive pissing contest.


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