Chopper demographic

Hello fellow Designers

I working some motorcycle accessories,
I finding very difficult to understand
chopper demographic, why they choose
certain products than others.

perhaps some American designers can help me

My friend told me this is demographic

no, that’s pretty much average typical American life.

Hahaha… if that’s a joke, it’s pretty funny.


This my friend is why designers don’t need to worry about offshoring.

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speedos are a european thing.

I was going to mention that, I know a lot of bikers, but i don’t know any that would rock a speedo. Although the vest says that they or at least one of them is a member of a Wisconsin chapter, and i have never been to Wisconsin so i can’t speak to their pool party customs.

get a clue people. it is obviously some european bikers’s pix of his trip to US. it IS one part of the chopper owner demographic, probably the most “indigenous” one. As for off-shoring, well, duh! for now anyway.

Gosh, I wish I hadn’t clicked that link. I’ll never be able to erase those images from my head. BTW, what’s the definition of a chopper?

‘chopper’ comes from the act of removing all the stuff that isn’t needed or wanted and then personalizing what is left with paint/chrome and custom parts to make it uniquely yours.

Well, my friends, having spent the time to look at all the photos and having noticed quite a few Wisconcin license plates, I’d say that we are looking at the vacation photos of fairly well-healed Euro types. “My trip to the US” was an obvious hint. Canadians probably don’t think of it was much of a “trip”.

Harley-Davidson’s 100th anniversary was last summer, in Milwaukee.
All the hotels and campgrounds were full out to a hundred mile radius of Beertown. My cousin lives near Milwaukee and she and her boyfriend set-up a motorcycle-campground to make some extra bucks. Which they did.

As a result of their project they met people form all over the world; Germany, Britain, and South Africa, Denmark.

It takes a dollar (insert national currency type) or two to transport your motorcycle (they weren’t ALL Harleys in the photos) to the US. Looks like they had a great time. Riding, camping-out with friends, partying … I personally never cared what the other guy was riding.

Choppers aren’t what they were when I built mine in 1969. I ran a '47 Knucklehead for almost six years. “Choppers” are about self expression, whether its appearnace or performance. And you don’t get it from buying “your” bike, you get it, literally, by busting knuckles and shedding some blood. What you’re seeing on television isn’t what it’s about … at all.

Jessie James, The Teuttles of Orange County Choppers, et al are just crankin’ 'em out. It’s just a business now.

My trusty old BMW R/90S and I just keep racking up the miles … 132,000 so far.

Ride Free … Live Long.

Dem were some tasty ho’s!!

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You know like when a bunch of people are laughing, being sarcastic, fooling around, then theres one jerkoff with a bowtie on and wiping his nose on his sleeve, going, “hey fellas!” and points out the obvious as if, 1) no one really had a clue and were seriously considering the subject matter or 2) anyone really cares when it comes down to it.

you sir, are what we call a “out of the loop” moron. we suggest you smoke something, loosen up, and STFU.

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“Chopper” is not a word that is used past the Wal-Mart parking lot. Think Indian Larry (RIP). It’s about defience. As soon as someone identifies it, it moves and leaves the thespiens behind. Don’t worry about the “demographic”. Sell to the wanna be set. That way you won’t get your feelings hurt realizing you either live it or will never understand it. I’m a senior designer working in all forms of international motorsports for the past 10 years. My designs do not try to interpret the users, but rather the activity. I have the x-rays to prove it.