Choosing grad schools - advice needed

Hey all,

I think I’m in a somewhat unique situation. My background is in Com Sci (and a little bit of architecture) and I’m working in urban planning (I know, a little bit of a crooked path.) I’ve loved I.D. since I was a little kid but chose a to go to an ivy for college to get a “well-rounded education” and thought I architecture might pique my interests instead. The arch program ended up being terrible, and I defaulted to com sci since I’m good at it (but don’t particularly enjoy it). Then I ended up working in urban planning since I get to do a (tiny) bit of urban design work and think designing transit and transport systems is interesting, though the bulk of my work is unrelated.

I’m not happy with my trajectory at all and am really eager to finally gain an education in I.D. and product development.

My favorite program by far is IIT’s MBA/M. Design, since I’ve been back and forth between getting a Masters in Industrial Design and an MBA. It seems absolutely perfect for my ultimate goals. One day I’d like to own my own company and work on all aspects of product development, from concept, to the technical side, to the marketing.

I just don’t want to place all my eggs in one basket in case I don’t get admission. What other programs should I look at – design or business? I’m really torn here. I’m really not willing to get another undergrad degree either. I also speak mediocre German and French but could brush up on either if it means going abroad.

Sorry for the long post and many thanks for the help!

I was looking at Georgia Tech’s Master’s in Industrial Design program and they have a version of it specifically for people without previous ID education.

It looks good to me as I’m a Computer Engineering major but want to go for a masters in ID.

i looked at that program too, looks intense but really employable. I found all the students resumes on the site here
itll give you an idea of where they students came from, and what experience they had, it varies hugely but you can use it as a guide to see if youre on the same level as the current students. good luck!