Choosing between UC, CCS, RISD

Ok, so I used to go to RISD (going into sophomore) but now I got transfer offers from UC DAAP and CCS ($40k Scholarship). Which school would you go to for ID? I want to design cars or electronic gadgets.

This is my portfolio/website for your reference:

lose the flash ASAP.

First, I assume you are interested in ID, right or is it transportation design?

Second, why do you want to leave RISD?

Third, what exactly are you looking for in a school?

First, I assume you are interested in ID, right or is it transportation design?

I use to be in architecture. But my passion has always been ID. I want to design products that people have in their lives everyday.
Transportation has been a sidetrack. I’ve been interested in cars, but most likely, I won’t become a car designer. I want to study it because I think it can be a positive influence as an industrial designer, in the same way that architecture is.
So yes, I am interested in ID. But I would like to have a transportation/architecture based education.

Second, why do you want to leave RISD?
Firstly, I have not recently been impressed by the work that comes out of the school. I’m not being cocky, but I feel that the school may not be for someone like me. I want to learn the craft of design, and not so much the philosophy of it. Maybe I’m wrong to doubt RISD’s values. But I can always go back to the school since I am on leave of absence.
Secondly, I have heard good things about UC in this forum and am also interested in the Co-op program. I want a balanced education of theory and practice, and it seems UC is the one offering it.
Third, what exactly are you looking for in a school?

I am looking for design prowess and high skill level. A good example would be Art Center (although I have not applied there). I want the school to prepare me for the professional world. I’m looking for more answers than questions. I’ve been looking at where alumnus from both RISD/UC/CCS go to work and it seems that RISD doesn’t have that many working in my field of interest that is automotive/electronics.

I have nothing against RISD and it’s ID program, except a small amount of doubt. I want to try other schools before it’s too late however. I’ve read things like “If I could start over, I wouldn’t have gone to RISD.” and it’s made me think again about going back. Thanks for your comment guys.[/code]

There really are a number of conisderations:

If you go to UC, ask if you have to retake the foundation year again. Foundation at UC offers more than just drawing. They also have some digital training and even some basic ID training plus you get to know the kids in your department. However, if they are going to waive you out, so be it.

Personally, I think UC offers more of what you expressed. It is a very strong combination of the theoretical and the practical especially when combined with the coop. I have always felt that UC offers one of the best, if not the best design program in the country because of their integration of school and work experience. This sentiment is also found here on these forums.

HOWEVER, leaving a school like RISD is a BIG step. If I were you, I would go to the RISD placement office and find out how many internships are avaliable to ID kids. See if they have enough to assure you of a coop each summer. If not then UC might be the better choice.

Be advised: although most coops at UC were paid, there are a growing number of coops that are not UNPAID due to economic conditions. I am seeing this at UC.

OH yes, I liked your work,but I agree with another poster: get rid of the flash.

at both schools it’s two seperate majors. you’ll have to choose.

I’ll drop in my 2 cents for CCS. I’ve taken a tour of UC’s DAAP, and the campus is a very different feel than CCS. UC is a much larger school, so you get more of the traditional “University” experience. On the other hand, CCS is a much smaller community, and everyone that goes there is an artist in one way or another. CCS is far from a traditional college campus, no meal plans, 3 bedroom apartments instead of dorms, and Art openings instead of frat parties. But people don’t really go to CCS for all that. They go to get one of the best design educations in the country. If your into electronics and cars, I recommend CCS. The school has huge connections to the automotive industry, and the students in that program are incredibly talented.

UC’s coop program is very appealing, but I don’t think it makes the program better. UC assigns coops and internships, but CCS students have the motivation to pursue that on their own. It takes a lot more initiative to get an internship at CCS. Which is frustrating at times, but prepares you for the real world. CCS has also been doing a lot more “sponsored studios” lately. Last semester, Motorola and Nike sponsored two Junior studios, and the schools relationship with those companies has grown a lot in the last couple years.

In short, if you’re getting a scholarship to CCS, I don’t think you’re going to get a better education anywhere else.

Based on your interest, i think art center might be a very good choice for you. The trans program here is pretty good and product program has same classes with trans people in the first two terms.