Choosing between MID at ASU and SCAD


I have received admits for the Masters in Industrial Design course at Arizona State University and Savannah College of Art and Design.
I am from India and as an international student everything looks good to me on the university websites and the rankings and blogs tell a different story for both of them.
Please can anyone help me with choosing one school. Anyone who has preferably attended or taught at these schools.

Please put your experiences and views about facilities, curriculum, job opportunities, living in the cities, etc.

Thank you.

We’re all biased, since no one has graduated from all three of these programs.

I believe SCAD is the best, but as I mentioned, I’m biased.

You’ll be spending quite a bit of money at either of the three. So go over early and visit all three of them first hand. This is your life your choosing, not a new tshirt online.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

comparing an Art school to a University can be pretty hard, because they generally have vastly different priorities.
These programs are very different and it seems likely you had no real preference where you applied to as long as it ranked high. If that’s true, just pick the city you’d rather live in.

Yes, you are right. I have completed my bachelors in engineering and I have little knowledge about schools and universities in industrial design in US. Which is why I got confused between these two when I received the admits.
Thank you for your suggestion.

FWIW- if you’re going to choose based on cities alone… Savannah is probably the most beautiful city in the United States. It is utterly stunning on the eyes every single day. It is also close to the beach.

The ID program is top notch. But then again, I’m biased :wink:

Hello bhairavi_warke,

I have received both these admits as well in addition to others, and probably could be just as clueless as you are.
Feel free to get in touch though. Also, do let me know which is it that you are leaning to?

All the best!


I think we’re all in the same boat. I just received and admit from SCAD yesterday and I also have an admit from PhilaU. I haven’t decided what to do yet but do let me know what you guys have decided.

( Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with the OP, this line of questions comes up every year.)

what does it say about the profession when a fresh undergrad in one discipline can be admitted to grad school in another feild?
Academic departments have to manage thier own reputations as they see fit, and ID is very pragmatic (the degree itself means little to nothing), and I’m all for people being able to easily change careers with higher education.

But - what does this small percentage of Academia tell us about the value of what we do?