Choosing between CSU Long Beach vs Art Institute- OC

So i was wondering what the difference between the education of CSU Long Beach and the Art Institute Orange County when it comes to industrial design. I really want to go to art institute because I am more of a beginner and I really want a good foundation. I was wondering if CSU Long Beach will give me the same background. The other reason is CSU long beach requires a portfolio so I suspect they are a good school. I am currently a freshman in junior college right now so I have time to learn. The problem I have is my community college does not have in depth classes in design so i am currently stuck with teaching myself with books and youtube videos. I really need help in making my decision. I also have San Jose State University and San Francisco State university in my mind. Leaning towards sate school because my dad’s military benefits pay for my tuition as long as I stay in state and its a public school. ( I know art institutes are private). I really can use your guy’s expertise and knowledge with this. Thanks!!

Long Beach is a well respected program with a good network of Alumni. Also you only want to go to schools with a portfolio review. Those with open enrollment and for profit structures can be sometimes more about tuition than education.

Yah thats what I was thinking thanks for your input yo.

CSULB grad here. It’s changed a lot but still a good option to consider. From those two schools CSULB has better portfolios. Not familiar with Art Institute’s curriculum but CSULB should still have beginning/foundation classes before applying for the program. Plan to spend 2 years taking foundation and GE courses before applying to be a junior in the program. In other words, you don’t have to submit a portfolio before taking foundation courses. Those foundation courses help to build your portfolio.
I heard they also now offer a General Design degree which I would stay away from. I think it’s for students that don’t make the portfolio review cut.
I would suggest going to both schools and talking to advisers and maybe take a look at their current students work so you get an idea of their level. You might as well also go to Art Center so you are aware of their level as well.

A macro piece of feedback, you want to surround yourself with the best classmates possible because you will learn the most from them. That is why good schools are so good, because they pick the best students to attend. Ideally, you want to be one of the worst entering, because you will improve the most!

Same with houses, it is the smallest, least nice house on the street that benefits from the rising property value.

Does that make sense? I’m not saying you should suck, I’m just saying get into the best school you can.

CSULB was a great experience. Highly competitive with an network that continues to grow. If you are transferring from a JC, keep in mind that the structure of the program won’t necessarily speed up the process due to pre-requisites, and program structure. I’m not sure if there are ways around it now, but I took a full time design job during school because I was limited to a certain amount of design courses per semester. You also have other institutions in the area to supplement your experience. I took additional classes at Art Center and Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

Cool thanks I am really trying to find graduates and talk to them. I actually really want to go to Art Center but 1. they are really expensive and private. and 2. i was looking into it and it looks really intimidating. They are having an event here in San Diego this weekend so Im going to go and ask a few questions. While trying to find graduates from CSULB I found one of the designers at nike went to both CSULB and Art Center so I’m trying to contact him rn. Thanks for everyones input!

This is more than a “macro pice of feedback” this is more of a giant chunk of wisdom :smiley: Thanks!!

Yes, there’s a couple of grads at Nike that graduated more than 10 years ago that I know of. However, I would meet with some of the advisers or teachers and ask them if they could put you in contact with a couple of recent grads that are working. I would talk to recent grads (1-5 years) so you get an accurate picture of the current program. There’s always department, curriculum and teacher changes that affect the program.
Enroll at CSULB, build up your portfolio, take Art Center at Night classes if possible.

Ok cool I am still a freshman so I need to build up my units to transfer. I’m on track to transfer by fall 2017 so yah it’ll be a while, but just enough time fore me to get better at sketching and the whole design process. Thanks for your help!!

One more thing. What do you think I should do about my community college not offering the classes I need?

What city are you in?
Find a different college? Go to art center at night? Transfer to CSULB ASAP?

Yah im in San Diego area. So art center at night would be too far. Ive looked into schools around me and none of them have the classes. Ive settled with just getting books and teaching myself on youtube. The soonest I can transfer is Fall 2017 because rn if take more classes I have to have 60 units one semesters before the time I want to go there. For example I need to finish my 60 units by Summer 2016 to get in to Spring 2017 or Spring 2017 to get in for Fall 2017.

See if any local junior colleges offer them. Also contact the department as well as the main CUSLB office before committing to some of these classes because there is a disconnect between them. The program fluctuates and some times you don’t have to take certain classes that you might think you need.

Ok thanks. Yah i checked other local colleges and they don’t offer them so I have an appointment to talk to one of the people in the Department of Design to discuss what I should do. thanks!