Choosing a School

I am a parent from Massachusetts. My son has been accepted into the Undergraduate Industrial Design Programs of Syracuse University, Wentworth Institute of Technology and Bridgeport University.

Because of different levels of financial aid and distances from our home, both Syracuse and Wentworth will cost about the same to us, although Syracuse does have an extra year. Bridgeport is a bit more expensive to us.

I would appreciate any comments on the quality of the Industrial Design Program of each school and how each is viewed by prospective employers.

Thanks in advance.

Syracuse is your best bet, they’re making a comeback. never hear of much coming out of Wentworth and Bridgeport is basicly new, a one man show - Jim Lesko.

it comes down to how good he is and what he can show in his portfolio.

Syracuse is probably the strongest of the three programs, but what really matters is what the best fit is for your son. I would recomend that he gets on here himself and reads what is being said.

Thank you.

syracuse - from I am gathering has a pretty good id program. A lot of the guys at Design Continuum went there - and I’ve worked with some really talented guys from there - in my internships.

However, I wouldn’t limit it to just those options - try considerings RISD, CCS, and CIA.

CIA is becoming a product powerhouse - a lot of really good stuff happening there - but then again I graduated from there… They’re still good in cars too.

I agree with YO - get your son on here and research the places together.

hope that helps