choose Cincinnati, or wait on CMU's waiting list???

Does any one know CMU’s CPID program? I really really love it but was put on the waiting list…Would anybody decline this program?

Now, Cincinnati’s industrial design program gives me $36600 for the first year and an additional $310 every two weeks (TA), I really have no idea…

I major in industrial design now and I want to center on interaction design. So, no doubt CMU is my best choice. UC’s scholarship attracts me a lot, but it doesn’t have interaction design concentration. If I choose and reply UC before April 15th, and if CMU gives me an ad after April 15th, may I decline UC and choose CMU instead? Since UC joins the so-called “4.15 protocol” (while CMU doesn’t), Would I then be rejected by all the schools and have no place to go?

BTW, does any one know sth. about CMU’s CPID and UC’s industrial design program?

I would recommend UC.

By interaction design do you mean in the realm of UX Research, digital prototyping, and design thinking? Because you’re definitely going to get that stuff at CMU. However, you are definitely not going to get formal training in Web/UI/Motion/New Media Design or produce high fidelity projects.


Part of being a good designer is doing the research and then synthesizing the data that you collect.

Design decisions will always make themselves apparent after you start to look at the data and compare each possibility against one another. Trying to be true to your instincts or personal desires when making decisions needs to be considered against what the data is saying to you. Sometimes this is called “objectivity” and all designers continually develop this aspect of their skill set throughout their careers.

In your case, it appears that the decision to make is very clear and easy to make.

Good luck at UC.

Thank you for advice. Are you a UC’s student or alumi? I really need some advice and introductions about the design schools as which area they concentrate, and where their alumnus usually go. Would you give me some information and suggestions about that?

Now I have
Rej: UIUC industrial design
CMU interaction design

Offer/Ad: Purdue interaction desgin
RIT industrial design $12000
Cincinnati industrial design $36600, + $310/two weeks (TA)

Waiting list: CMU industrial desgin (MPD)
CMU Communication Planning and Information Design (CPID)

Pending: CCA Interaction desgin
Pratt Communication design
RISD Industrial design
OSU Industrial design

Who knows information about them ?

Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean…Do you mean UC might fit me? And why? I really need some suggestions…or directions…Thank you

For UC do you mean the MDes program or the ID undergrad? I’m a student from the grad program at UC, and it does not cost 36,600 nor is it solely on industrial design. The grad program at UC costs about 26,000 and is more general than focused… you get to decide what track you want and with what faculty you want to take courses with that have the expertise you need. I’ve got friends who are focusing more on transportation, others on products, others on services, etc. I am taking an interaction design class next quarter, so I can’t really comment on that area yet, but you could probably get in contact with the school and ask them, like I said in here you get to focus your thesis on your area of interest, and there are faculty with different expertise and with different perspectives on design, which I think is very healthy to have.

I have heard a lot of good things from people from different industries about the students from UC who’ve worked for them. DAAP has a great coop program which they’ll be extending to the grad program this year, so if you join in you would have access to it.

I also looked into IIT, CMU MPD and UC MDes when I was researching for graduate programs, and I got an offer similar to yours and it was kind of a no brainer for me, coming out of a grad program without any debt and from a top design school with a coop/internship program.

Like I said, so far my experience at DAAP has been great I’ve made a lot of friends and met very talented people, but it is ultimately your decision and what YOU want.

Thank you for suggestion. I apply for the MDes graduate progrram. And I don’t mean the tuition fee is &366000, I mean I got a $36600 scholarship for the first year. So you know, the choice is very hard…

No problem. I would think a scholarship like that would make the choice easier.