chkvn's sketchbook

Going to encourage myself to post more regularly with this thread. Hopefully source some feedback from the Core77 community as I continuously grind that endless track that is sketch-fu! Looking to hear what people observe that I can improve on and that they would like to see more of etc.

I’ve always struggled with drawing “life” meaning anatomy and people in general (hence ID, better at drawing objects). So I’m practicing some anatomy forms here and there as I really enjoy the explanatory/context sketches when you put people + product together. These are some sketches from recently.

Impressive work!

Appreciate it Michael, thanks for taking a look!

Did a speedformy shoe thing for fun like two weeks back and then just been focusing on #inktober since the month hit! I thought this was a good opportunity to really dive into figure drawing and been focusing my efforts mainly around nailing the head first. Noticed I was finally hitting some slight improvements today after drawing some serious gorilla looking derps.