Chinese Molder Suggestions?

Anyone suggest a injection molder in China they’ve worked with and is reputable? Preferably Shenzhen or Dongguan? Good priceand capabilities ratio of course.


Materials wuold be ABS or PC
5K -10K parts for first order.


Anyone? I see a bunch online but would prefer to work with one that someone has already worked with…word of mouth.


Ok honestly, this is such a complex question with many complex answers that no one in his right mind can give you an answer as:

  1. we dont know what your product is
  2. we dont know your budget
  3. we dont know your tolerance level.

there is a man or tool in china that can do every job. My suggestion is head on down to the Chinese embassy and inquire of potential partnerships there.

Good Luck!

I think Foxconn is an good choice but depends on the product volume.

I would suggest you to visit the factory to qualify it yourself. There are a lots molder in Shenzhen and Dongguan, it is difficult to say who is the best, but find the most suitatble supplier for your products.

We are the injection mold maker in Shenzhen China, we have 17 years experices on mold/tool/die making, production, we are the ISO9001:2000 certified manfuactory, we have our mold design engineer, mold tooling shop,injection shop, our machines are imported from Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, 100% of our molds and products are export to Europe and America countries, and also Japan.

You are welcome to visit us or RFQ.