Chinese Industrial Design Schools

Does anyone know about Industrial Design programs in China? I know there are a lot, but does anyone know of the more prominent ones? I’m interested in studying abroad my senior year.


There’s a three week 2006 summer study abroad program at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. June 14th to July 5th. It’s $2900 including airfare. It’s supposedly taught in English, and there are several trips and classes included (including beginning Chinese). I don’t really know much else about CAFA, but it’s something that I’m looking into.

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I’m also interested in the university mentioned in core’s Chinese Design article, Southern Yangtze University, but the university’s website is mostly in chinese. Do any of the administrators have contact with the people who wrote the article (Bruce and Diane?) to see if that University has an international exchange program with the U.S.?

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Shanghai Jiao Tong

Tsing hua university

are two that immediately come to mind as excellent schools


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Nitibhan, the schools you mentioned are super intense. I couldn’t find any program similar to Industrial Design at Tsing Hua and the closest thing I found at Shanghai Jiao Tong was “Artistic Design” and it was in the same category as Jurisprudence. I’m not sure how that program would work with ID at my school…I’ll ask my advisor on Tuesday about it.

I guess what I’m specifically looking for is a good Industrial Design school in PRC so that I can spend a whole semester there without worrying that the classes I’m taking won’t transfer over to Industrial Design at my school.

Thanks, though. Any other school names and information on their international exchange programs would be much appreciated.

Also, to anyone else who is considering this, I found out about the National Security Education Program (NSEP). It offers “substantial funding to a limited number of undergraduate and graduate students, to lead in developing the national capacity to educate United States citizens to: understand foreign cultures; strengthen U.S. economic competitiveness; and, enhance international cooperation and security.” I think it’s associated with the Fulbright.


Not sure why you would be looking to study ID there…

I work with several vendors in SE China and IF they have a decent designer, they studied at a western institution. If you want to experience the culture or learn the language that would be far more benefital than studying ID there.

If you are just looking for a reason to go out to Asia and see what it is all about… check out United - they are running deals this month to HK… cheap.

Pezzy, I think you misunderstood. I’m looking to study ID abroad there. I’ll still graduate from the states. So yes, I am looking for an opportunity to get fluent in mandarin and get a good idea of what the ID climate is like in China.[/i]

Understood- just don’t let any of the values on their creative approach sink in… it is hard enough to work with China as is.

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Shanghai JIAOTONG University ,Tongji University :sunglasses:

shanghai jiao tong university is good

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Some may not have realized yet, but China will, in one way or another, affect everybody’s (design) career in the very near future, if it isn’t already.
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I am a German design professor who takes his students to Asia on a regular base, doing joint workshops in Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We have just signed an exchange agreement with Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Guangzhou is conveniently close to Hong Kong (2.5 hrs. by train), and it is the richest province in China. I will know more about the quality of their program next year, but if you’re interested, I’ll be happy to give you the contact info. Hong Kong Polytechnic is also an excellent design school; it is a nice bridge between Chinese and Western cultures.

Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong university in Shanghai
Tsing Hua University, CAFA in Beijing
Southern Yangtze University is good too, but it doesns’t have the kind of ‘international’ perspetive as those ones in Shanghai and Beijing.

can you please give us the contact for Guangzhao Academy of Fine Arts?

do they have a website? i can’t locate it via google.

Guangzhou Acadamey of Fine Arts (GAFA) is real even though their website is currently unavailable.
If you send me your e-mail address I can put you in touch with the authorities there. You do have to be a “pioneer” though :slight_smile:

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