Chinese Design book Presses

Hi to everyone,
I’m a graphic designer. I receiced some emails from three different Chinese Company. They want publishing one of my graphic works in their new design books and I’m trying to understand if they are frauding me because I never heard about them.
The companies are: Sendpoints Publishing Co., Artpower International Publish Co. and Hightone Design Book Cor.
All of them have a website but only two sell their book on Amazon (Artpower and Sendpoints).
Do you know if they are true companies or these are only scams?
Thanks in advance for your attention and for any help you can provide!

If you can tell me the chinese name of the company,I will help you . I can check it in china.

A lot of us were getting messages from Hightone a few years ago, from what I can tell nothing came of it for anyone.

Hi guys,
If you need help,I can help you to reconfirm it .But i’m not a lawer,i can check the names in china for you.