Chinese Car Design info

Hi There,

Anyone know what the chinese market likes in terms of car design
especially in regards to interiors, ie colours, trim, materials, layout functions etc?

any ideas?




it just doesn’t make sense until you see it

buicks? thats a little odd is it!!

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Buick has been in China for a very long time. It has very high brand recognition.

thanks guys for your replies :smiley:

Im not gonna lie, I like the way Buicks look also. The name may throw me off a little because it doesnt really flow but the exterior design and interior trim is there.


Yeah, Chinese consumers really like being duped. Check out this article

Lawl!!! haha man this makes my people look real bad.

10 years later, I saw it and it makes sense. Though there’s a bit more now. Cadillac’s too.

Small cards are big in China. Because of the expense of parking and such, they tend to be much smaller than typical American cars. In terms of interior, not exactly sure. There is a lot to learn from cultural norms on the country. For example, the color white can represent purity, but also mourning.

Best of luck