first time posting. crits please


That is really cool, I love the style man!
might do for a sweet watercolour as well.

Nice sketch. I’ve been to Chinatown a million times, and that is what it looks like.

nice linewor man!

I think it lacks one important element. PEOPLE!

Chinatown isn’t chinatown without people.

you might like this guy’s stuff:

I think what Jason Thielke does really well is play positive and negative off one another with extreme white space and black space. Something that could add to a drawing style like the one you are showing maybe.


thanks yo, this guy has great work, he seems very inspired.

now I’m pumped to get back to my painting tonight. :smiley:
I’ll post it when I’m done…


don’t want to leave you out, I really like your style. the loose hand with good perspective is sweet :wink:

where is this chinatown?

hello boys and girls, i decided to sketch one more before i move onto bigger and better things. thank you all for your crits and comments. also, the link is freakin’ awesome. i’m definitely inspired!!!
chinatown in los angeles, ca
thanks [/img]

…hey, I try from time to time