China Plastic Daily Necessities Design Competition

The Opening of 2009 “Taizhou” Cup China Plastic Daily Necessities Innovation & Design Competition

The plastic daily necessities have already become new favorites in people’s life, and plastic and plastic articles can be found everywhere. In order to further improve the overall design of the plastic daily necessities of China, to transform the creative ideas into social productive forces, to create more beautiful plastic products for consumers, and to promote the creative design and the manufacturing capacity of plastic industry, 2009 “Taizhou” Cup China Plastic Daily Necessities Innovation & Design Competition will be sponsored and organized jointly by China Plastics Processing Industry Association (CPPIA), Modern Industry Design And Research Institute of Zhejiang University and Taizhou Municipal People’s Government, etc., and its exhibition of outstanding works of design will be held during the 9th China Plastics Fair (Luqiao district, Taizhou).

â… Organized by

(â… ) Sponsors:CPPIA,Industry Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Taizhou Municipal People’s Government

(â…¡) Organizers: Modern Industry Design And Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Taizhou Economic Committee, Taizhou Bureau of Science and Technology and Luqiao District People’s Government

(â…¢) Co-organizer: Luqiao Technology Division, Zhejiang Luqiao China Daily Necessities Hypermarket Limited Liability Company, Taizhou City Plastic Industry Association, Zhejiang University-Hong Kong Polytechnic University International Design Center, On-line Design and Zhejiang Convention and Exhibition Society

â…¡ Theme of Competition: Innovation, Practicability, Science and Technology

â…¢ Participants:

(â… ) Industry institutions (or departments) affiliated to enterprises of plastic industry;

(â…¡) Industrial design units and professionals;

(â…¢) Social professional designers;

(â…£) Teachers and students of junior colleges, technical secondary schools and high schools;

(â…¤) Amateur designers.

â…£ Design scope

Household articles: plastic table articles (articles on dinning table), kitchen units (kitchen and cooking wares and all kinds of seasoning containers), plastic bathing articles, cleaning supplies, plastic sanitation articles, home supplies (cups, plates, cigarette jars, clothes-hangers, hooks, store articles, etc.), plastic household ornaments (vases, handicraft articles, etc.), plastic household electrical appliances, etc.

Furniture and outdoor goods: plastic furniture such as plastic desks, plastic chairs, plastic stools and plastic ladders, sports & entertainment goods such as fishing tackle, fishing gears, beach chairs, park chairs, sports equipments, etc, pet’s articles such as the flower, bird, fish, worm, etc. and public facilities such as spacer bars, road blocks, telephone booths, etc.

Toys and stationeries: toys for children, intelligence toys, children’s play equipment (baby carriers, slides, etc.), plastic office supplies, school things, etc.

â…¤ Requirements:

  1. Original works required, and no copy or pirated intellectual property right allowed.

  2. Within the theme and scope of competition;

  3. Market potential and feasibility;

â…¥ Awards:

An additional Special Class Award can be set if it is necessary: Bonus: RMB 20,000, Certificate and cup;

3 First Prizes (Gold Award): Bonus: RMB 15,000 and Certificate

6 Second Prizes (Silver Award): Bonus: RMB 8,000 and Certificate

9 Third Prizes (Copper Award): Bonus: RMB 5,000 and Certificate

100 Excellence Awards: Delicate gift each and Certificate

â…¦ Judging Committee
The Judging Committees is consisted experts who are recommended by CPPIA,Industry Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Taizhou Municipal People’s Government, and they will responsible for giving comprehensive judgments and opinions to the entries.

â…§ Standards of Selection

Whether it is in accordance with the theme and aim of the competition;

Whether the design scheme of the product is perspective and what is its creative level;

Whether it in accordance with the trend of aesthetics of modern society, and whether it has a certain market value;

Whether it has the feasibility of mass production;

Whether it is convenient, comfortable, safe, easy to use and universal in terms of users’ value;

â…¨ Intellectual Property Protection

The hosts enjoy the right of exhibiting, publishing, popularizing, propagating etc. of the award-winning and race-entry works, and they also can apply for a patent for those works. Enterprises in Taizhou city have the priority to carry on industrialization to the design, and the designers can negotiate with manufacturers, and they can get proper financial reward according to the level of industrialization.

â…© Procedure
(â… )You can participate for free Download the application form from, and submit to us with your entry.

(â…¡) Requirement for submitted design: Please provide the design in jpg format with a standard layout. The layout requirement is: 40cm X 58cm, 200dpi precision which can meet the needs of large-size paint and print; the contents of the layout are as follows: overall design sketch, local art work and captions (Captions are sometimes necessary).

(â…¢) Each design is limited within one layout, and no name of designer or organization is allowed to appear on the layout.

(â…£)The electronic document of design work and the entry form can be sent by E-mail to, or sent them to Organizing Committee, which is located in Yuquan campus, Modern Industry Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China(Post code 310027) in CD form.
Please contact: Ye Xiaoyun
Tel: 0571-87953695 87951215

â…ª Schedule
Date of Registration: From April 25, 2009
Submission Due: August 15, 2009
Design Evaluation: August 16, 2009-September 11, 2009
Result Announcement: September 12, 2009
Excellent Design Exhibition: September 17, 2009-September 19, 2009

Appendix: Application Form