CHINA DESIGN PROJECT with workshops in Taipei and Guangzhou

The CHINA DESIGN project is conducted this summer semester in Berlin School of Art and Design (Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee). A group of 18 students from various design disciplines traveled to Asia where they joined two workshops in Taipei and Guangzhou at partner universities. Together with their Chinese peers they developed design concepts related to Chinese culture. The project exhibition will be on the Open House on July 16 and 17 in Berlin. Visit the project website for detailed information:

in the website : "Taiwan and Chinathese two countries. "

hehe ,i think you made a mistake. Taiwan and China are not two countries.
they have the same culture and history.
Taiwan and China mainland belong to the one——China.
As a chinese ,i think i have the responsibility to tell you the truth.

As a free mind designer and a Taiwanese, I can’t agree darkspirit’s opinion.

and, to benjamin, when you all finish your workshop in taipei and guangzhou(where is there?), you all will realise that these are two countries or not.

I’ve been to both places many times.

Not only are they politically two different countries, they’re two different worlds. Night and day. Ying and Yang.

This could be a very interesting and controversial debate…

FYI: Guangzhou is the old Canton, about 150 kilometers west of Hong Kong.

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I’ve been living in China now for one year now and I’ve noticed how mainland chinese react when you say Taiwan is a country for itself.They get pretty upset. You are right that it belongs to the Peoples Republic of China but it doesn’t share the same history. China is a communist country while Taiwan is democratic. Taiwan has it’s own currency and people hold a taiwanese passport.I’ve been to Taiwan and all I can say is, that the difference between Taiwan and China is like night and day. Now that you are able to travel to Taiwan with a chinese passport I suggest you go look for yourself and if you have the chance, work there and learn something about design and its process, bring your knowledge to China and do something with it.

The culture is more or less the same ,that is true, but the people in Taiwan are very different from mainland China. I won’t get into details here but I hope that in the future more chinese will pick up the way Taiwanese Designers design. It’s truly inspiring. They come up with great stuff!!!

As a world citizen, I think I have the responsibility to tell you we are all the same and you should care less about this problem and free your mind.

As a Taiwanese, I say Taiwan is a country. We have our own culture and pay taxs to our government. Yes, we have our own government. And China has about 800 bombs aiming at us at this moment from what I have heard.

This is an unwinnable argument.

The bigger question is, why even dig this old thread up?

Wait, I just realized that no one really got the point of this thread. So I took some time going through the projects in the website. While I wasn’t very impressed by most of the “products”, I was rather intrigued by the movies. I think for the students, the purpose of the program isn’t really about coming out with “solutions”, but rather just open their eyes to new cultures and new thinking, and express their reactions through whatever ways appropriate. Of all the projects, I feel that the movies are the most effective.

Still think this is a very good initiative. Not many schools in the world would host such programs. I am sure the students have benefited much more than just another piece of work in their portfolios, but a new perspective that will influence their approach to future opportunities.

I am also glad that they weren’t just shipped to a single location and call it “Chinese experience”, but multiple locations for a more balanced experience. Good job! I wish I had that kind of opportunity when I was in school.