China and India?

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My topic today concerns about China and India or countries that have lower wages.

For example, IDEO designed Handspring Treo 180 (which i used it and i like it) at some certain cost. I would guess that cost must be pretty steep because IDEO uses all American resources during the design phase.

According to Business Week, this week issue about Outsourcing innovation. And no wonder that Palm and most “commodity” electronic items are designed from scratch (including Industrial Design) by a firm outside United States that has much lower wages, and they did a good job, like Treo 600 which I have seen they recieved many awards.

So what is the future for United States in these commodity electronic market? Suppose IDEO did a GREAT job on treo 180, but only great is not good enough. Cost seems to be the justify point. So Handsprings rely on Taiwan for Treo 600 rather then IDEO, and that is a lost of revenue for IDEO in millions of dollars.

I have read many articles on this, and it all seems to suggest that United States are the home for high technology, non-commodity item. That’s why most electronic firms like IBM (which sold laptop line to China), HP, Dell, Compaq, use the device designed by others and just label their brand on it, for commodity items. If you travel to Asian countries (I am from asia staying in united states), you will see alot more products that is no-brand name.

So, I would like to hear from people inside an Industrial Design company that perhaps face this issue in their working environment? Is this a problem?



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