Children's Product Prototype

I have a product for children I would like to market and need to work out some design issues (but have a provisional patent filed). Any ideas on firms or other forums where I can get advice on the design and marketing process?

Where are you located? There are tons of firms all over the country that could help you out with your project. You could search the firm list on Core77 (see button on upper right) or to start finding people near you.

If you have any specific questions that wouldn’t compromise the secrecy of your idea, there are a lot of knowledgeable people on these forums that could give you ideas/advice.

Curious if you’ve had any luck yet? Id love to aid you in any questions you may have.

if you want to do small run to testing the market , maybe we could help you to do some prototype , any question or idea , pls contact me:

Are you still needing some help? I have many, many contacts in the toy industry and extremely low cost services to help people like yourself…??