Childhood Influences

I’m interested to find out what childhood toys (or other influences) may have affected your decision to study design.
It would be very helpful if you could complete my survey, To do so click on the following link

Just finished your survey, but it seems more like a Lego survey rather than a childhood influences survey. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but just call it out.

Thinking about it, there were so many thing I loved as a kid that kind of pointed to where I ended up. In addition to the normal obsession with Star Wars, religious watching of Transformers, Robotech, and GI Joe, staring for hours at the renderings in the front of Motor Trend, reading Popular Mechanics, freeze framing Aliens so I could look at that hover craft thing more closely there were of course lots of Legos.

Interesting Topic, but lame survey,

Okey I’ll readily admit that I loved LEGOS as a Kid. But I also played with Playmobil and Matchbox and Fisher Technic.

What was special about LEGOS was their versatility. You could do cars, planes, spaceships. But also houses and landscape. (Given you didn’t run out of bricks…)

But what LEGO always lacked were curves. Sometimes I tried to smouth that out with any soft material on hand. But that ruined the undersides of the bricks.

What influenced me more towards design was my parents encouraging us to ask questions. And my Granddad showing me how to do things on my own.
While his brother was my biggest inspiration, due to having built his own sportscar when he was 24 and his own boats after he was 64. Unbelivable guy.

He still is a big role model of mine.

All the best

Yours mo-i