child development toys???

anyone here do/done in this area? what exactly qualifies as a child development toy?

Something that takes care of my parenting duties for me…

Anything that aids in natural selection.

Unless your Kids are intellegently designed.
In which case, you’re screwed.

Seroiusly though, I’m not sure there are eny hard and fast rules for this.
I don’t think there are any standards for educational toys.

Put the right function to the child development state.
Many designers try to create something very innovative but it might be too complicated.

this may or may not help but…

you could look at book about parenting - they often have section such as “at this age (usually in months) your child should be able to…” and then they go on to list various activities

you could then look at what children in your target age should be able to do and tailor your ‘educational toy’ to assist in the development of these sort of activities/skills…