Chief Creative Officer Busted for Cocaine

Art Center must be very proud of this alumnus;

Mr. Brightside: It’s good to see that designers can earn $4.2 mil / year and have such reach in a company.

So 13 times over the course of who knows how long he bought a gram or two of cocaine?

Not to get political, but, really? How is this news? What’s the big fucking deal?

A script for 13 tabs of oxy is fine but coke is evil?

Greatest country on earth.

Well, If I got “compensated” for doing my time here with 4.2 Mill! a year" I’d feel like I am on crack without buying any.

I’ve seen good guys going to waste on drugs. Prescription drugs or illigal ones. For me the pros and cons look nearly
the same irrespective of the side of legality the chemical sits. The devision seems arbitrary sometimes, but what do I know,
I am no Neurosurgeon or analytical chemist.



What’s next, finding out that your junior designers smoke pot? Ho-leeyy shhittt.

most relevant fact in the article!

And all while being high on cocaine.

It is a stimulant. Maybe he was working 20 hour days.

I wonder if he and Clement Mok snorted some together.