I am a Senior Graphic Designer (Broadcast and Branding Design) moving to Chicago from Montreal in the next few months and am curious about the state of the industry. How would you describe it?

Is there an area of Chicago in which a large portion of the design firms are located?

Any information /opinions /advise on the industry and moving to Chicago would be greatly appreciated.

Be sure to live close to your job, the commute here sucks. I used to take me about an hour and a half to drive 15 miles to work.

If you live in the city, prepare to pay alot for parking and city stickers.

Also, the job market here is still pretty dry. A few things are popping up now and then, but overall the market is still kinda grim.

If you live in the city you don’t really need a car. Public transportation is pretty good… although not as good as Montreal.

Thanks for replying.

You’re right Montreal has a great Public Transportation system.
I was assigned to look into Chicago as a city for conceptual design to move to.
I would appreciate insight from folks who are living as designers in Chicago, especially those who are working in Branding Design Agencies.

What corporations are headquartered in Chicago? (broadcast, graphic, … )
Are there any big agencies?

Thanks to anybody who can help me with some input.

like they said, public transportation is definitely the way to go…parking isn’t cheap in the city and gas prices? forget about that…although the CTA is probably one of the WORST transportation systems I have come across…

as for design firms, they are all over…city/downtown/loop, suburbs etc though i would say most are in the city…

u can try searching here…

I’m in the same boat - fiancee & I want to move to midwest to be by her family - Chicago is a logical choice, but talk about being lost in a shuffle. Wonder how long I’ll have to flip burgers before getting back in the market…

I’m working on a research assignment for my Professional Practice course in design. … That’s mean the market sucks in Chicago!?

I couldn’t find much on !?
Is there any other web site I can look at?
Howabout the big agencies?
Do you have any idea about the salaries?

check these sites

These folks are really nice:( zün partners) zünpartners

They did a presenatation for AIGA members back in the fall. We were all impressed.

try this…you have to dig a little…but its a start…


I checked the websites. Thanks.
Does anybody have any idea about TANAGRAM PARTNERS and LANDOR?

I checked the websites. Thanks.
Does anybody have any idea about TANAGRAM PARTNERS and LANDOR?

Have applied there a few times a year ago. Never heard anything even after I called. Then again my work might just s*ck. :wink:

I have a feeling lots of people contact them. Right now the market is extremely competative.

Try out:

LANDOR has a small office here …
but you can try … who knows!

LANDOR has a small office here …
but you can try … who knows!

I moved to Chicago two years ago. Design firms are mostly in the city. Transportation is NOT bad, check out other cities which are much worse.

For Branding check out

I know their Sr Brand Strategist just left them and moved to a start up. There’s lot’s of freelance work, two friends recently told me they have more work than they can do alone. They usually go through firms like this first, some of the better communication designers I know have used

216 S. Jefferson/Suite 503/ Chicago IL. 60661
312/382-0200 FAX 312/382-0600
Artisan is a creative staffing service representing Creative, Production and
Technical talent in the Web, Print, Multimedia, and Technical markets on a
freelance, full-time or per project basis
Graphic designers Production artists Art Directors
Creative Directors Copywriters Proofreaders Production Managers
Illustrators Web Designers Web Production Artists Presentation Specialists
Multimedia Designers Content Writers & Developers Information Architects
Motion Graphic Artists Programmers Coders

And here’s the directory