Chicago Yoga, gym, Work places

Hey. I’m moving to Chicago (Logan Square) in two weeks. I am going to need a Gym, and Yoga studio. Anybody got any suggestions of places to go or places to avoid? It would be awesome if the gym offered yoga. I normally do basic flow yoga but I’m comfortable with basic inversions, I’ve been going three times a week for the last six months. I’m also looking for suggestions for cafe’s or other places to go and work on stuff, non-client sketching and whatever. Oh I want to join the pumping station but if there are other good maker-spaces (I’d love it if they have a lift for cars) please speak up. Thanks!

I would also suggest that you contact IDSA Chicago, they are an extremely active chapter and are always willing to provide incoming designers with info and insight into the city.


Good Call

PM me I got a few suggestions for you if you would like

There are so many gyms it’s really whats important to you. Close to Logan Sq? Big, small… Every gym will let you try it for free for a few days, I suggest that. Xsport is popular and nearby but they can get crazy busy. Wicker Park athletic club is a couple blue line stops down. It’s new and not too busy.

I’ll check them out thanks.

Here’s a pic outside of New Wave Cafe in Logan Square, which is a pretty good place to hang out, great coffee. I took the pic from the patio of a French bakery next door that’s very worth checking out. Longman & Eagle is a great restaurant/bar right up the street.

I’ve never heard of the pumping station, it looks really cool.

New wave

I’ll have to go there thanks.