Chicago toy sculptors

Can anyone recommend or post links to some Toy Sculptors in the Chicago area? Particularly, I’m looking for people who are good at doing characters.

While I’m at it, any recommendations on local independent model shops would be really helpful. I’d like to get a few names of shops for hard models and rapid prototyping.


Rapid Prototypes are really reasonable at - the turnaround time is pretty long though (usually takes like a week to get a part) The level of detail is great though- I had a Yoda head done through them and even Lucas was amazed…

I have some sculptor contacts in town- email me and I will send you the info.

Don’t have any info on sculptors. As far as hard models/prototypes go, if you’re willing to go outside of Chicago, Scott Models in Cincinnati, or RPM in Austin, TX are probably two of the best. I’ve used 'em and their work is outstanding.

I’m pretty sure that does sculpting as well… but not inexpensive.

not chicago but close: Raving Toy Maniac has an issue that lists all types of services for the toy industry. You might want to contact them.

Might want to contact as well