Chicago - share a cool design space

Any Chicago independent Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers, Engineers, or the like interested in sharing a space?

I just looked at one in Pilsen at 18th and Halsted and it is killer. about 1100 sq. ft., 2 floors, full kitchenette, storefront… all for $1040 (total - that means only $520 each, not including utilities). I was looking with someone else (an engineer) who bailed on me at the last minute - I’d hate to see this opportumity pass by.

I’m an independent Industrial Designer and would be looking to use part of the space for my office and part to start bulding a prototype shop. I’m looking to get some tools - band saw, drill press, etc. early this year.

Sound interesting? Feel free to send me a PM if you’d like more details…

Oh, and I’m looking to move in Jan/Feb

I can’t help you out, but I did want to drop my 2 cents in the bucket…

I think those storefront studios that Podd-Majersky has been setting up down there in Pilsen are really interesting. I like how you can walk by and see the artists at work… but how would that work for industrial design-- where privacy is so important?