Chicago I.D. scene

Hey everyody, what’s up.
Wanted to get some insight into the Chicago ID scene.
I know all the major players in Design consulting, but are they all they are cracked up to be…like HLB, Insight, IDEO? Heard that branch of IDEO only does furniture, is that true? Want to make a move there shortly, but I dont know if the market there is saturated with designers or what? I know there is always room for quality, talented people but it just seems like it would be difficult for an “outsider” to break in with so many candidates already there.
Heard there are a few smaller firms, like Optimistic that are doing some quality work?
What’s the dilly…Any help would be appreciated.

this thread has been raging for days… let’s end it here.

thank you for the helpful like.
read it all and got all my questions answered