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This is the webpage I have been working on which is for a company called 1house,
here is the link :
I haven’t released the source files so far, so I just uploaded the files to my hosting.
According to presenting final webpage to clients before get paid , how do you guys deal with this problem showing work to clients?
Am I using the right solution?

p.s. The logo right on the middle top also designed by myself.

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If you need a new logo for your brand! maybe I can give it a try!

I would do it exactly as you already have, by using my own domain to host their site so that they can preview it when it is under construction. Only once I’ve received payment will I make it ‘live’ on their own domain. If they want a holding page I usually work this out separately.

A couple of pointers about the site - Some of the pages scroll where they don’t need to, and the white menu is very difficult to read on some of the pages because of what is going on in the background.

Thanks for your reply ,firenzee !
Coz right now, I only have done this mock up, so next step I will add up the web content and at that time, the scrolling will be needed.
Thanks for your point on the top-side navigation, yes, on some pages it can not be recognized fully. I will correct it when at the phase of adding content. If you have any questions , I’d love to have more communication with you.
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Over these days, I was busy in updating the 1house site, now you could see the final one: