Chicago Grub and Design

Hey all!

Traveling to Chicago this weekend any must see’s and must eat’s?

I definitely plan on doing the Architectural River Cruise and grabbing some deep dish. What else do you suggest?


I suggest Frontera Grill for Mexican food. Really great.

Also, skip the Sear’s Tower and go to the bar at the top of the John Hancock building. It’s free to get in, you just need to buy a drink.

Last, if the weather is nice, go to Millennium Park. It’s beautiful to walk around and the Ghery designed pavillion is superb.

If you really have a lot of time to burn, the art museum is incredible. Similar to the Louvre or Smithsonian though, it’s impossible to get through in one day.

Perfect. Thank you!!

Wrigleyville is a great area to walk around eat, drink and be merry. If your flying into Ohare, take the blue line and transfer to the red line towards Howard and jump off at the Addison stop. Belmont harbor is about a mile or so south and has great views of the Lake. Cheers :smiley:

To keep within a non-outrageous budget,

Mexican - Frontera Grill (as mr914 indicated), or if you just want a quick torta, XoCo around the corner.
Ribs - Twin Anchors
Asian fusion - Sunda
Hot dog - Wieners Circle (after 1am)
Italian - Zia’s Trattoria or their sister restaurant, Zia’s Lago Vista (Lakeview)
French - I have a soft spot for Kiki’s Bistro
Slice - Armand’s
Veggie burger - Jane’s
Tapas - Cafe Ba-Ba-Re-Ba

The MCA is my favorite museum.
Walking around looking at trendy stuff is River North.
Mag Mile is a tourist trap but still cool. Great people watching.
Wicker park is flooded with hipsters.

You guys rock!! Thanks.

Deep dish pizza!

I’ll be in Chi the following weekend for the marathon so happy to keep this topic going.

To add-


tons of good food. even better craft beer/breweries:

half acre - my personal favorite
revolution brewery
two brothers - just outside chicago but should be easy to find a bottle/draft
even tho not originally from chicago - lagunitas
a bit larger still has decent options - goose island