Chicago Designers (Graphic, Web, Illustration, Any)

Hello Everyone,

First time poster, long time fan. I am posting this up to inform any designer from Chicago about our post we recently made. After a while of browsing design websites and portfolios, I found it interesting that there was not a large amount of people / designers from Chicago.

So we are looking to gather up those Chicago designers, and hopefully create a list of comments linking to their portfolios or companies.

We are gathering this reference list for experimental purposes and for possible future purposes (design conference).

Please, let everyone know, if your not from Chicago please browse our beauitul design journal. Thanks everyone!


Have you checked out ,,…i can go on and on and on. Chicago is a mecca for all kinds of design and design(ers). Keep at it and before you know you’ll be saying “hell no…where did all these people come from”. Unfortunately, I’ve relocated “temporarily” in South Florida and I’m trying to create a buzz here myself.