chicago design

are there many small design firms or fledgling design studios in chicago? does it have a strong design community? i am interested in starting an interdisciplinary design co-op in chicago, for independent designers who would like to share resources, space, opinions, efforts and discourse. if you know about the design culture in chicago, i would like to hear your opinion.

I’m assuming you’re talking product. Yes, there’s lots of firms-- from small studios to big names. Some high-profile corporate also. A Strong IDSA presence too. ( ) There’s a meeting this Tuesday if you’re in town-- come on out and meet some people. Chicago as a city is also very design savvy-- lots of great creative shops, retaurants, furniture showrooms, art galleries/museums, etc. Feel free to ask more. Good luck.

if i were in town i would definitely attend the meeting. i will be in town around the same time as the neocon show. do you know, off hand, if anything is happening around that time?? meetings or lectures? also, are there many designers in the chicago area working as independent contractors?

Last year there were receptions/parties around Neocon-- not sure about this year, you might want to do a Google search. As far as the numbers of designers working as independent contractors… if you’re talking product design (are you?) yes, there is a consistent group of freelancers…

I think there is a pretty good design community, and I know quite a few freelancers in the area.

As fueled mentioned, there are some great parties around NeoCon. Ah, the RiverNorth area is just full of drunk designers after the show. That’s where a lot of great concepts come from.

Also, as I am sure you have checked, design-engine has a good community and there are links to individuals’ websites.

I am a design student in the chicago area looking for an internship, anybody got a heads up on something?