Chicago design meet up

Advanced Design is throwing a little designer meetup in Fulton Market. I’m in town running a workshop with a client so I’ll be there as well.

July 27th
Haymarket Pub and Brewery
737 W Randolf St

Sorry to miss you. I arrived back from travel on the 26th. The next day is always a complete wash for me. I was out cold by 8pm.

I hear you. Same for me… especially these days. I’m on my way home now. Catch you next time!

It was a great little event!

I had been running a 2 day client workshop at the Knoll down the street in Fulton Market preceded by a day of meetings in the Merchandize Mart so this was a nice way to end the trip.

Whenever I go to Chicago I feel like I’m living in an Antonio sant’Elia drawing!

Embarassed to not have heard of Sant’Elia before. Thanks for the reference! Beautiful drawings.

Thank you for the useful information.