Chicago Comic Con!!!

I’ll be geeking out to the max this Aug 6-9 at the Chicago Comic Con!!! And toy fair. Anybody else going to go? Billy Dee Williams will be there as will the woman who played Kitt in “A league of their own”, Also not to be missed Gary Coleman, and some guy from Different Strokes.

I <3 free crap.

Ive been meaning to get to a comic-con, maybe this is the one i finally get to, i really cant see myself making it to san diego, i was online a few months ago trying to see where the other stops were and couldn’t find anything, guess i just wasn’t looking good enough. Im gonna look into it now though!

yo dziner, there’s also one in Detroit, not sure when.

yea i actually found the “motor city” one its called when i was looking at the info for chicago, its in novi, and it was in may i guess. but oh well, chicago is only bout 30-40 mins longer drive anyways.

I’m going to be up there Saturday morning right when the doors open. I will be dressed as sailor moon so I will stand out…not really, but I will rock a Core77 tee shirt so say “hi” if you make it.

yea my only buddy that is into ‘comic culture’ just moved into a new place and is too busy/broke to go. So i probably wont end up going, if i don’t i will instantly be starting plans to attend SDCC next year. maybe.

I am a Lost fanatic and have always wanted to make it to one of these especially the one in San Diego . I think we all have a bit of geek in us

My top 5 comic con/fanatic interests:

  1. Star Wars
  2. Marvel Super Heroes
  3. Transformers
  4. Futurama
  5. Predator

Yeah, I really like SCUD the disposable assassin.