Chicago: Back to School Questions @UIC Alum

Hey everyone, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (2012) but have been intensely self studying ID and freelancing since 2013. Over the years I have been looking into going back to school to further my ID knowledge and with a little luck, hopefully switch careers into ID once and for all. I’m specifically looking into the Master of Design: Industrial Design program at University of Illinois Chicago (UIC). I’m also interested in hearing about the Bachelors program because I’m thinking of taking some Bachelor’s level courses to fill in some of the gaps in my ID learning.

For any UIC Bachelors of ID or Masters of ID alum, how did you find UIC’s ID program and facilities? How the professors and students? Did the proximity to Chicago give opportunities for connecting with local design students or professionals, the Chicago IDSA chapter, or internships?

My girlfriend and I are planning to make the move to Chicago in 2017 so I’m doing as much research as I can. It seems like the Chicago ID scene is really strong and I’m pretty excited to get immersed in the Chicago ID community! If you are in the Chicago area and wouldn’t mind reaching out and sharing your experience, it would be super helpful to chat and learn more about your thoughts on ID in Chicago.

Thanks so much!