chicago area and ID firms...cesaroni design..

Hi guys

any of you guys know about cesaroni design, chicago based id firm??
Chicago is a good place to work for ID?? anyone knows about Chicago based Industrial Design environment??

Hope to hear you guys’ opinion and experiences~~


Guy I went to school with (late 80’s) works there. I know he worked there for a while, then left to go east… then came back.

The fact that he returned and has been there for a while should say something.

Yes he is a good designer and a nice guy.

I just met a guy that works as a designer there - sorry I don’t know much about the firm other than he’s been there for awhile and likes it, has worked on some cool projects, oh and most importantly, the owner has got a really hot daughter!

They’ve been around awhile and seem to be a stable place. Meat and potatoes design work as far as I have seen. They play it low key in the Chicago scene-- never met anybody from there or that has worked there…

i knew someone who worked for them. actually two people. sounded like an ok place.

Heard conflicting reports about working there.

Chicago, however, is a great city as a designer. Bunch of firms, a conceptual scene, 4 schools (all looking at different ways of designing).

You can also afford it.