Chevy HHR - what's your criteria for a great vehicle?

Any comments on this vehicle? Price seems right… but I just cant bring myself to buy an American designed/manufactured vehicle. I’m going to hold out for my next car… Audi or BMW.

My personal criteria for evaluating the purchase of a vehicle:

  • AWD (for my climate its a must)
  • Handling, it has to be very tight (nothing like my rental Grand Ams!)
  • Touch of materials, cant be cheap and plasticy.
  • At least 20MPG (for obvious reasons)
  • Attention to usability/ergonomics

I think that “not stupid looking” should also be in your criteria. That would rule out the HHR, a 5-years-too-late response to the PT cruiser, only Chevy seems to have made this one even uglier (a difficult feat). Between this and the Outlander, I think Chevy has a couple of tough to beat new entries in the perennial ugliest car in the marketplace competition.

I would recommend searching in the transportation board. We’ve talked about the HHR a whole lot over there!

Since you want AWD, might I suggest the 2006 MazdaSpeed Mazda6. And since it’s turbo-charged, it should get decent mileage.

That, and it looks incredible. I wanna, i wanna, i wanna