cheery's junkyard-if anyone wants to join ? - super OT

this shall be a small corner for being cheery.

yay ! who wants to join ??
yay yay yipee hooray ! Its Friday !!

looks like no one yet has got the guts :slight_smile:
it can be anything in the world that makes you happy.
Just anything ! A smile off from a child or helping a sick pet recover.

geez…no one is this care free ! …

geez…no one is this care free ! …

Hi. OK, so I’m kind of happy.

I’m quitting a job that I never really liked and am going back to school full time. I start school in two weeks, studying art and design. I’ve taken classes in ceramics, textiles, screen-printing, and some other artsy things over the years, just for self improvement, and have really enjoyed them. I’ve wanted to try making a living through art for a while but was scared to try. Well, I’m finally walking off the cliff just to see what happens.

So, yeah, I’m kind of happy.

gave up on real life 2 years ago to study creative product design. my internship starts in 1 week and am very looking forward to it.

life is good… :laughing:

interesting replies…
but both of you sound somewhat the same !

Well the carefree isn’t exactly what I was looking at…
but looks like you seem to be happy about not knowing whats next
more brave than me !

I am happy because I am on track
and am looking forward to continue my cheerily productive ‘junkyard’


yay yay yippee yay !
Free day today !
Maybe I’ll put some ‘junk’ for display sometime :wink:

ps this site is not that funloving as i thought…