check this out...anyone got one?

posted this is computer bit as well but though you fotwear pepols might appreciate.

You know aldi?

Anyone know how the 0.42mm accuracy compares to the real thing?

I googled it…i dont think its available in the US anymore but…all I find when I google it is a bunch of forums with people having trouble with it…you know there’s a saying in spanish:

" Lo barato le sale mas caro " it translates as:
" When you buy cheap it comes out being more expensive"

That’s the feeling I get with this…go to Wacom…there’s some decent prices on their refurbished items…

i have it, and it is decent but the pen is heavy and battery powered…also the company do not keep up with there drivers so it hurts it performance…and it is awkwardly bulky. it is definietly serviceable but i would recommend seeing if you could get a used one through ebay for a few bucks more…