Check out this van!

Check out this Crazy Van! Albeit, I am younger, so this is obviously before my time, but has anyone heard of this??

Reminds me of Vigilante 8! (The PlayStation game)

Alright. That just hit my top 10. Right under the Han Solo vs. Magnum PI video (that I’m now going to watch again…)

That is some special stuff.

Geore Barris - “Super Van”
(for the movie titled “Super Van”)
Restoration of:

And, it’s for sale:

Groovy. Outta sight! Far out!

Absolutely amazing!

But, nothing beats this van…

Oh, I dunnooooo , this '66 Dodge is kinda neat* … :wink:

neat slang. great; nice


Why can’t someone make a cool van today? hehe

Seriously though, the VW Bus and Chevy van circa '75 had a certain je ne sais quoi…

There’s nothing cooler than vans doing burnouts and power slides…

picts of the kustom kulture (in Show Room and the Cads & Stickers pages) of past and present, definitely a different era of car design which I still prefer over today’s (typical) custom car scene

Agreed! A van with a shag rug, 8-Track, disco ball, water bed and an airbrush of a wizard with two tigers comes in a close second.

And doing a burnout!!! My head just exploded.

Seriously though, the VW Bus and Chevy van circa '75 had a certain je ne sais quoi…

I hated VW vans where I grew up; they were a constant obstacle to navigation; twisty, hilly, two-lane roads with few Passing Zones. I was working on a 101-Uses for a Volkswagen Microbus book, but finally gave up when I could only get to 31; Artificial Reef.

Of course my perspective was completely different when I was in one… . my high school girlfriend had one; her dad was the local VW/Porsche dealer… . . . :wink:

respect the van.

google “japanese extreme vans”


thanks for the fond memories, I made a few bucks back then designing and interiors in vans. They were great fun and even though they drove like shit for many they were our first apartments. I remember the Barris van too, way more bank than we had then but so cool.

I drive a sportwagon, the next gen van. But I’d take a Yakuza van any day.

That thing drips 70’s cliches.

I don’t get it, must have been an american thing so the difference in culture is huuge between us brits.

Holy macaroni…

cartoonss on wheels

I totally want to know what this is, it’s like something out of “Space 1999”

I saw this one on the net and had to post it. This is great!!