Check out my work! I just put it up!

Hi Guys,

So, I’ve been frequenting the boards for a loonng time and finally put up some of my work! :smiley:

I’d really appreciate any feedback good or bad!




Nice clean layouts. I like how they are uniform, but you switch the colors up.

The work is very mature in that it looks clean and professional. The forms are nice, but nothing is overdone or over stylized, it is all realistic and well done.

That would also be my only feedback. It would be cool to see one project that pushed the boundaries a bit to balance your work out. I also think the self check out system could have a bit more spice to it… I always wondered why stuff like that was putty colored and textured, it gets so dirty looking… a nice pantone 5405 with some 375 or 021 pops maybe?

Good stuff though man, thanks for throwing it on the forum.

Hey Yo,

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

I too feel that the Self Checkout project is lacking a little. The image is of a scale model made out of polystyrene. I am contemplating doing a 3D model of it as well.

I will be throwing some more stuff together as the portfolio is an on going process!

Thanks again.


Great work there matey.

The layouts look slick, and the sketching and forms look great.

Quick question for you: What software are you using to produce your layouts? It’s definately the kind of style I’d like to be able to produce.

Once again,

Really nice work.


Thanks for the feedback Stewie.

I just use Illustrator for the overall layout. I usually set up a grid of some sort. These pages are 11x17 landscape for full size print/pdf.

thanks again