check out my portfolios, i need your comment

thank you

ok, i looked at your portfolio,

I hope you dont mind if i give you some critique.

on the first project, it looks vert dramatic and the illustration fits perfectly with your topic, and getting the message across to the viewer. i think it has a nice balance of light and dark, but i dont undertand or like the upside down black L shape in the upper right. it destracts me from teh whole, and i think it is not needed. i would also move the “Stop the tear foundation” away from the edge a lil bit so it can be more clearly read.

second project, i think again u have some great sketches. I would like to see these larger though, maybe instead of having them read left to right make them move top to bottom. I think maybe sacrificing one or two of these sketches and really seeing one or two of these blown up would be more useful.

again with scale, i would like to see this larger so i can get a better feeling of teh work. I would like to see the typeface you chose and really just look at it, bigger. also just from eye balling it…it looks liek ur last figure is not on the same baseline as teh others it isnt a drastic change and it looks liek a mistake. i would line them up…or if u wanted them to be not lined up then i would change the positioning.

scale. I want to see what it is, you have me interested but because of teh scale i loose interest.

well done on the web site i feel like this one is the most complete and presents its self in the best manner.

you have some more work to do before you have a complete portfolio, but you have the talent now show it how, DONT BE SHY.

thank you so much for your thought :smiley:

I feel that your figure illustration is amazing and very unique. Maybe you should market yourself as a figure illustrator… Everything else is not as strong. I cant really see the website or understand the packaging.