check out my newest design in production now!

Hello guys,

this is one project I did for a Taiwan local tech company while co-working with Qunta Computer for production. It worked me hard 110hour week for a whole month and lost me 15lbs! Some detail such as the power button has been modified by their in-house ID (I originally made it like a sports car red push-start button!)

since it probably wont be sold in USA, I thought I share some online images with you guys. its in Chinese writing, but has many detailed shots.



BTW, here are the specs:

Microsoft® Windows® XP Home/Professional(optional)

15.4" WXGA (1280x800) Color TFT LCD

Intel®Pentium®M processor /Intel®Dothan Processor support (optional)

Intel®Alviso 915PM/ICH6-M

ATI ® Radeon™ X700(M26) 128mb

2.5’’ / 9.5mm Ultra DMA 66/100, available in 40GB/60GB/80GB HDD (optional)

DDR333 SO-DIMM*2 (2GB)

Intel PRO ®/ Wireless 2200BG (IEEE 802.11b+g)/ Wireless 2915BG (IEEE 802.11a+b+g) Wireless Lan

Isn’t Gygabyte going into cellphone market as well? Maybe that will be one more opportunity for you.

yeh I think so, but knowing they are new at it and most likely will just buy off existing component to re-style it, probably wont be too inspiring to design for…though it was fun doing a notebook, its so far the most complicated single piece of design I’ve done so far, much more complicated than smart phones.

BTW, you interned at Nova design before?! How was it? Nova is the studio that has the worst name in Asia now messing up the whole design industry price market, selling design as if they were toilet papers…

Really? No wonder I had such a bad impression of Taiwan’s design scene. They are all about publicity.

They used to be SYM’s design department until they separated in the 80s.
I don’t know what happened. I was just a intern. The chief designer was a nice guy.

Can you PM me with more info?


Kymco? Why? Where are you from? I’m just curious because I don’t know Kymco is famous abroad too.


Well Kymco is definitely the most successful scooter manufacturers in Taiwan. They used to partner with Honda I believe.

Getting a job at Taiwan shouldn’t be as hard as you may expect. In the worst case, apply as an English teacher first to get yourself a working visa (English teacher is a huge demand there and pays well), then visit the design department and talk to them.

I don’t know if Kymco has an european studio since they are trying to get a bigger share of theEuropean market. Maybe they use a different brand over there…? I don’t know.

Try to search for a city photo of Taipei. The amount of scooters on the streets is overwhelming.


I really doubt Kymco will set-up regional design office. It is too expansive to maintain, also, their current in-house design team seem to be able to handle the design and workload pretty well.
I suggest you to travel to Taiwan first before making your mind about working here. It is a fast pace, chaotic culture. I doubt many foreigners can survive the Taiwanese way of design.
good luck!


If you can appreciate the infamous smelly tofu, you have already passed the first cultural test. It’s the best nasty food under the sun.